Book Reviews

  • “This was an interesting read. I applaud his creativity.”

    - Caleb Morgan, New Brighton, Minnesota

  • “He leaves the readers wanting for more. And his notes are helpful.”

    - Herman R., East Syracuse, New York

  • “I enjoyed reading it. Kept me awake for the whole night.”

    - Emily Arce, Boston, Massachusetts

Thousands of years from now Barbarians rule our world. The world we live in now does not even exist.

Scientists in that world, traveling through time, will bring our reality to life, but not without sacrifice, failure, a puzzling mystery and unknown consequences.

This is the 1st instalment in this series. The puzzling mystery begins in the opening paragraph and gets no less puzzling in the final paragraph.
Some answers will come in the 2nd instalment, some not until the 3rd. And just a little teaser; the subtitle of the 3rd instalment is “Chicken or the Egg” This may or may not be helpful in unraveling the mystery after you read this 1st instalment but I suspect probably not. I find quite often clues to a mystery are much too obvious and come much too early on in the narrative so I’ve written this story in a perplexing manor I hope you will find more entertaining.

In this very profound, sci-fi mystery, you will be kept glued to the pages as theology and science collide; beginning with horrific barbaric acts of savagery and ending with you questioning, really actually questioning everything you’ve ever believed about the origins of our existence. And keep in mind the subtitle of the 3rd installment.

About The Book

About The Author

Wilburn Knowles is a philosopher whom has hope that his story opens your minds to the philosophy it conveys. He is a passionate man that believes the answer to perhaps the most debated question in our world’s history is answered within the covers of this novel.

When not immersed in writing, whether on this topic or the songs & poems he continuously writes, Wilburn is just a normal man who likes telling a good joke when he joins his friends for a night of gaming. Or he can head out on the town to a Salsa club or a Rock or Pop club, in fact he’s even an excellent country dancer.

To enjoy life to it’s fullest is Wilburns hope for all those he shares this amazing world with and he hopes you find this novel as entertaining to read as it was for him to write.

A quote from Wilburn:

“The main character in this story has an epiphany during his first jump back in time. This epiphany was not part of my original outline for this story but an actual epiphany I had while writing this particular scene and it really was the most exciting part of the novel for me to write because it was that “ya that’s why that happened” moment, almost like I was reading someone else’s story and figured out a part that had been an unsolved mystery from an earlier segment in the story.”

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