Is It Possible God Is a Creation of Man/Science in Our Future?

Gary Clegg March 17, 2020

An interesting novel poses an answer

Time travel may be the answer that Agnostics throughout the world have been seeking for an eternity.

Who is the “Who” in “In Who’s Hands/Cause & Effect”?

After reading it you tell me, does “Who” describe the group of women and men in this first installment? or perhaps “Who” is a man continually traveling through time? and does “Who” have the answer to the age old question; “What came first, The Chicken or the Egg?”

This novel, the first in a long series, takes the audience on an amazing and believable journey. Although a piece of fictional literature it will most definitely change the audience’s way of thinking about the origins of their/our existence. It suggest a profound theory that God is in fact a creation of science in the future, or more specifically; that the group of women and men, in this novel, known as “the smart ones”, whom are trapped in a Barbaric existence that is more than 8,000 years further along in Earths history than where WE are at right now, have created time travel, gone back in time and introduced a fictional but very influential character they call “God”

You are wondering; How can it be that our world is Barbaric 8,000 years in the future? But I didn’t say it was OUR future, I said it was further along in “Earths history.”

Remember our earlier contention that perhaps the reality of our existence may be just one of perhaps thousands of possible different realities. This first installment is a reality where “the smart ones” have decided to change their reality. They had no idea they were actually creating our reality.

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