An Uncivilized World

Gary Clegg December 10, 2019

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An Uncivilized World

It’s so easy to take the world we live in for granted. We have Sony for gaming; Apple, Samsung & Huawei for texting and social media; cars, motorbikes, airplanes, boats and snow machines for leisure activities and getting around the world. This is civilization, a trend that has been evolving for thousands of years.


Have you ever thought about how our world became civilized? Was it a natural occurrence or were there other forces at work?


“In Who’s Hands/Cause & Effect” needs you to consider, or at least leave your mind open to the thought that perhaps our world did not evolve as most of us believe it did. Maybe the world was a baron, uncivilized planet where only the strong survived and only the strongest of the strong ruled. That maybe, just maybe, it took individuals, people we in this existence would call scientists, acting out against those strong ones, we will call Barbarians, to make the world what it is today, by way of time travel.


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