Is It Possible God Is a Creation of Man/Science in Our Future?

Gary Clegg March 17, 2020

An interesting novel poses an answer

Time travel may be the answer that Agnostics throughout the world have been seeking for an eternity.

Who is the “Who” in “In Who’s Hands/Cause & Effect”?

After reading it you tell me, does “Who” describe the group of women and men in this first installment? or perhaps “Who” is a man . . .

Considering alternate realities

Gary Clegg March 3, 2020

Can We Be Sure the World We Live in Today Is the Same As Yesterday and Will It Be the Same Tomorrow?

Reading a newspaper in 2016 there was an article about some scrolls that had been discovered in the early 1900s and carbon dated to a specific date centuries earlier. At the time of writing, of this article, these scrolls were retested and som . . .

Is It Possible Science May One Day Be Able to Extract the Aura/Energy/Soul from a Deceased Person?

Gary Clegg February 20, 2020

Life after death may sound crazy, but it’s not unlikely

For many years scientists have speculated that at some point in time physicists will be able to reanimate every human that has ever lived; that all it will take is an immense energy source. The fact that this is possible is not in question, the question is; “how will we create and harness the neede . . .

What Might Science Be Capable of 1,000 Years from Now?

Gary Clegg February 14, 2020

Teleportation and time travel made real


We can only speculate what the world of science may be capable of 100 years from now. 1,000 years from now it’s virtually impossible to even speculate. There will no doubt be words in the human vocabulary that would seem ludicrous right now.

Imagine only going back 200 years from now with a cel phone or . . .