How Long Would Such a Plan Take to Execute?

Gary Clegg February 7, 2020

Imagine an extraordinary alternate timeline

Thinking logically a scientist in a Barbaric world would have many more challenges than a scientist living in the world we exist in.

The main challenge would be energy. A lot of energy would be required to even attempt time travel let alone be successful at it.

Also the time to just devise a plan may take ce . . .

What Would Happen If Scientists Were Able to Execute Their Time Travel Plan?

Gary Clegg January 21, 2020

Imagine an extraordinary alternate timeline

One would have to think that a successful plan would result in a paradox that would bring a completely new timeline. This new timeline would surely show a dramatic increase in the evolution of science. Some type of political foundation would be in place. Civilization with conscience and empathy would be characteri . . .

Betrayal: Would Scientists in This Barbaric World Survive If Discovered Deceiving Their Rulers

Gary Clegg January 14, 2020

A fascinating look into the dangerous lives of scientists in a savage world

No doubt being caught deceiving their ruthless rulers would be front and center in the minds of scientists living in a Barbaric world. They would know that being caught would surely mean their deaths, but not only their deaths, most likely the deaths of their families as well. And i . . .

What Would a Scientist in a Barbaric World Do If She/He Were Able to Time Travel?

Gary Clegg January 7, 2020

Ending slavery, plague, famine, and other humanitarian crises

We can only imagine what scientists might do if they were to travel back in time. Scientists in a Barbaric world would probably have revenge and desperation on their minds. If not revenge certainly she/he would want to change things for the betterment of fellow colleagues and other people in simi . . .