Considering alternate realities

Gary Clegg March 3, 2020

Can We Be Sure the World We Live in Today Is the Same As Yesterday and Will It Be the Same Tomorrow?

Reading a newspaper in 2016 there was an article about some scrolls that had been discovered in the early 1900s and carbon dated to a specific date centuries earlier. At the time of writing, of this article, these scrolls were retested and somehow the carbon dating now showed that they were actually several centuries older than originally estimated. Certainly techniques used for carbon dating had been improved upon greatly since these scrolls were first discovered but for the carbon dating to be so far out has had scientists baffled ever since the discrepancy was found.

Could it be that a scientist or perhaps just some rogue individual in the future traveled back in time, retrieved those scrolls, and took them to another point in time.

Perhaps it was a religious figure in the future that needed those scrolls to be from a different point in time to prove some theory he was pushing so he went back in time and moved them to another point in time.

The point is what if occurrences like these are happening all the time right under our noses. We are programmed to believe that any change made during time travel would have a profound affect on our reality but in reality a minoot change would probably have only a minoot effect. None the less it would certainly change our existence to one of possibly thousands of different alternate realities.

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