Is It Possible Science May One Day Be Able to Extract the Aura/Energy/Soul from a Deceased Person?

Gary Clegg February 20, 2020

Life after death may sound crazy, but it’s not unlikely

For many years scientists have speculated that at some point in time physicists will be able to reanimate every human that has ever lived; that all it will take is an immense energy source. The fact that this is possible is not in question, the question is; “how will we create and harness the needed energy?”

The movie Spider-Man 2, with the character “Dr Otto Octavius”, comes to mind when thinking of these possibilities. Are they far fetched? Certainly they are but so was the flip phone when it was first introduced as a communication device on Star Trek in the 1960’s.

We cannot discount almost any idea that comes to mind when it comes to scientific exploration of physics. What we may describe as impossible or even ludicrous may someday be a reality.

As far as developing a method of removing ones soul, aura or energy from their dead body; this seemingly crazy thought also cannot be dismissed as never being possible. One saying that comes to mind is; “The only thing I know for sure for sure for sure is that I do not know anything for sure.” Think about that the next time someone says something that you think is crazy. Is it really crazy or just seemingly unlikely?

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