Is Time Travel Even Possible?

Gary Clegg December 31, 2019

Ripples, folds, and rips in the fabric of time

Is Time Travel Even Possible?

This question has been debated for many years. Some say no way, some say if we could go faster than the speed of light then we’d be able to travel into the past. Others say; if it were at all possible you could only travel to the future.


The internet is full of articles showing very old film clips of people who are seemingly holding cel phones at a time when land lines were scarce, let alone even the thought of cel phones.

Other reports have people claiming that they themselves have traveled through time.


Then there are the other theories that wormholes are just conduits between two points in time; that the fabric of space can be folded so that we could travel from one point in time to another through a wormhole.

Other theories also exist but back in the real world it would seem science and more specifically physics will one day make time travel a reality but as of right now it’s a no. But that does not stop us from dreaming does it. So read “In Who’s Hands/Cause & Effect” and dream away.


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