What Might Science Be Capable of 1,000 Years from Now?

Gary Clegg February 14, 2020

Teleportation and time travel made real


We can only speculate what the world of science may be capable of 100 years from now. 1,000 years from now it’s virtually impossible to even speculate. There will no doubt be words in the human vocabulary that would seem ludicrous right now.

Imagine only going back 200 years from now with a cel phone or a television. That’s the comparison we have to use when thinking of what may be possible 1,000 years from now.

Words such as phase variance, temporal displacement and teleportation will probably be normal everyday talk by then. Time travel will probably be referred to as “the words” those primitives in the 21st century used.

There is no doubt that in a 1,000 years people will be just as excited about some seemingly impossible scientific hypothesis as we are today about the potential for time travel.

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