What Would Compel a Scientist in a Barbaric World to Want to Travel through Time?

Gary Clegg December 24, 2019

Natural disasters and other large-scale problems drive scientists to seek solutions

What Would Compel a Scientist in a Barbaric World to Want to Travel through Time?

Greed, love, guilt & revenge are reasons why someone like you and I may want to travel back in time but; why would a scientist, fully aware of the potential consequences, even consider going back in time? Would Earth, ravaged by the strike of a meteorite, be enough of a reason for scientists to want to travel back in time?


Mankind would surely survive such a catastrophe; most definitely high ranking government officials and scientists would be left behind to rebuild whatever was left. Perhaps theses survivors discovered a solution to what had happened but that solution required traveling back in time; having had the ability to travel through time for more than a century, but avoiding it at all costs; would they now take the chance in order to erase what had happened?


What if the world were not at all as we know it? What kind of science might there be in a different world? These are the types of questions we cannot even fathom because we live in this existence. Maybe we should not take that for granted, there could be alternate existences we no nothing about that are much less appealing!

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